Warm Up With "Wild Burdock Root Chai"
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Wild bounty is all around us — even during this winter holiday time of year! In Holiday Kitchen Forage I'll show you how to create herbal holiday treats that incorporate wild foraged plants.

In this mini-series of video lessons you'll journey into the field to forage and then step into the herbalist's kitchen. You'll hone your herbal cooking skills, empowering you to create tasty, healing foods from scratch.

In this first video you will learn everything you need to know about foraging for wild burdock root in late fall, from identifying it in the field, to harvesting, drying and preparing it for recipes.

You'll master the chai recipe template, empowering you to brew up tasty, warming, nourishing infusions with immune supportive herbs. These are perfect beverages for these cold, damp days of fall and winter, or whenever it suits your fancy.

I include important details on infusing herbs to up your herbalist's game. I trust you will love immersing yourself in the wild herbal kitchen as much as I do.

> Learn the real deal on foraging wild burdock root in late fall.

> Master the chai template and get herb creative.

> Add healing tasty brews to your food and medicine repertoire.

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