Wildness On The Holiday Table
Wild Cranberry (+ Elderberry) Relish
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Wild bounty is all around us — even during this winter holiday time of year! In Holiday Kitchen Forage I'll show you how to create herbal holiday treats that incorporate wild foraged plants.

In this mini-series of video lessons you'll journey into the field to forage and then step into the herbalist's kitchen. You'll hone your herbal cooking skills, empowering you to create tasty, healing foods from scratch.

In this third video we will venture out in search of a wild mountainous, mini cranberry bog. You will learn to identify and harvest wild cranberries.

By the woodstove, I will show you how to turn these tart potent friends into a sumptuous sauce that also boosts our digestive and immune health.
Relish in the wild!

> Peep the enchanted wild cranberry realm; learn all about foraging for wild cranberries.

> Create a delicious festive relish from nature where food and healing merge.

> PS, you can use cultivated cranberries in this recipe with great success.

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